Live Stock

A system to suit all Livestock needs

Fodder Solutions make a climate controlled growing chamber to meet every farming need from the hobbyist to large-scale livestock producers. They can be used strategically to keep stock alive during drought and adverse weather conditions or to provide a full diet for high production.

The system is a hydroponic growing room that has been specifically developed to sprout grain and legume seeds, for highly nutritious, yet cost effective livestock feed.  A selection of grains and legume seeds are spread onto the specialized growing trays and are watered at pre-determined intervals with overhead sprays. A set temperature is maintained inside the growing chamber, to ensure the best growth and highest nutritional value fodder possible.

Each day you simply slide the feed out of the trays, rinse the tray, reseed and push the newly seeded tray into the other end of the system. The System holds enough trays to ensure you produce your desired and nominated amount of feed every day.

The sprouts grow on the Fodder Solutions specially designed sprouting trays with no growing medium. Feed-quality barley germinates within 24 hours of seeding. The barley grows in the same tray for 6-days and is ready for harvest at a 12inch high grass mat. It takes six days to grow from seeding to feed out!

The “sprout mat” is completely edible and highly nutritious as it is a living food. The animals will eat the entire mat, roots and green growth, so there is no waste. Fodder solutions manufacture systems in the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, England and China. Systems are exported from these locations to other countries all over the world.
Sprout feeding is an economical option allowing produces to grow your own 365 days a year (regardless of weather conditions). Because the feed is hydroponically grown, it is fresh and clean, free of any contaminants, including pesticides and herbicides.