Sheep and goats show the same improvements in health and digestion as
cattle. Pigs and chickens are sometimes raised in factory situations and
show vast improvements in health and digestion.

Barley grass is rich in enzymes and can improve the environment for
birds due to reductions in “sticky droppings” from chickens as well as
cleaner eggs in laying operations.

Research has demonstrated that enzyme rich barley grass feed enhances
swine production and is particularly beneficial to young pigs making the
stressful transition from sow’s milk to solid food.

Reported Observations from Sheep and Goat Owners

  • Good weight gains on poor quality pastures
  • Improved conception rates in ewes and does
  • Improved weaning rates in herds on poor quality pastures
  • Fewer herd health problems
  • Improved milk yields in milking goats
  • Improved appearance of fleece in fibre goats.

Sprout drought buster at Tamworth April 2009

A guaranteed supply of fresh nutritious green feed daily has transformed
a small goat enterprise near Tamworth from drought survival to
expansion planning mode.

Lynda Coffey has faced a challenging string of dry seasons since moving
from the Singleton region to the small 20ha property in the Daruka,
district four years ago.